Adrienne Bankert - National correspondent for ABC News including Good Morning America/ World News Tonight/ Nightline
New York, NY

After 13 years of continuous mentoring & dedicated life and I would say relationship coaching - I have reached rare milestones quickly.

Recently another high level executive in our company says to me -“ wow / we didn’t expect you to get so far so fast”.  But that’s all because of strategies I’ve learned and listened to from Bill Krause.

Time and time again I’ve seen rapid growth I. My career and the kinds of experiences and opportunities I have been given. Bill Krause breaks records , he moves things in business forward and he cares.

I remember having the talks - I want to go national - I want to be on network television - you can’t wave a magic wand - there are things that needed to be developed in me so that I would be ready when that door opened and so that I could maintain that high level of work and commitment. And we did it . I say “we “ because he’s really partnered with me to accomplish what I’ve wanted to see become reality.  

One thing he has instilled in me is how to treat people, how to communicate and how to connect with my audience, managers my own mentees. He is no nonsense - very direct - he tells it like it is - and what he says works. He’s directed me so that i can accomplish the dreams I want. 

Without coaching from Bill Krause - I wouldn’t be here.