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EXCELLENT Life Now Seminar

NOVEMBER 18-19, 2019

Enjoy two days of exciting, practical, hands on teaching of how to live your life in a more excellent way. You will know yourself better, with a new tool bag to improve your quality of life. Your life is worth the investment of time and money to thrust you forward to your best days.


Practical Training That Gets BIG Results

Take Your Company or Your Career to the Top

Sessions with Bill Krause are monthly and open to anyone. You can attend 2 ways: in person if you live in the greater Sacramento area, or by FaceBook live no matter where you live.  Miss a class? NO PROBLEM!  Check out Bill Krause's audio and video downloads for previous classes CLICK HERE

Does this really work?

Bill Krause has coached many to success. One of those rising stars is Adrienne Bankert. Check out her journey from hometown girl with a dream to be on TV to living her dream as a popular personality on Good Morning America in New York.   CLICK HERE

Adrienne Bankert - National correspondent for ABC News including Good Morning America/ World News Tonight/ Nightline, New York, NY


Workshops with Bill Krause 

"Rich isn't just money. I want you to be so rich in health you can enjoy what each day affords. I want you to be so rich in relationships you aren't spending money on rehab or counseling for those you love. I want you so wealthy in your mind, your creative juices are flowing and you're coming up with world changing solutions and business ideas that facilitate positive change in and for others". ~ Bill Krause

Meet the Coach

About Bill Krause

Bill Krause is passionately dedicated to improving the quality of life for people. He has been highly successful in helping others overcome weaknesses and build on their strengths, motivating them to be all they can be. Bill provides a down to earth approach for how everyday people can lead extraordinary lives. As a business and organizational expert, speaker & author he has invested in countless people, identifying & scouting out talent in others and propelling them to the next level in excellence.

He has authored several books to help people improve from the inside out.

By applying the teachings men and women around the world have experienced tremendous positive growth in their careers, finances, self-image, parenting skills, marriages, faith and relationships.

Bill travels as a speaker and teaches internationally, remarking that he now has family in every country around the world.